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This publication is stuffed with transparent revision notes and examination perform questions for A2 Maths scholars. It covers the C3, C4, S2 and M2 modules for the Edexcel examination, and it’s effortless to learn and revise from - everything’s defined easily and carefully. each few pages there are speedy warm-up questions, a few exam-style questions and on the finish of every module there are perform examination papers (answers on the back). There’s additionally a sprinkling of jokes to lighten the temper. It’s precisely what you want to arrange on your checks!

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Try not to get the product rule mixed up with the chain rule. Repeat after me: ‘The chain rule is for functions of functions but the product rule is for products of functions’. Snappy, I know... C3 Section 4 — Differentiation 30 Quotient Rule The world is a beautiful, harmonious place full of natural symmetry. So of course, if we have a ‘product rule’ to differentiate products, we must also have a ‘quotient rule’ to differentiate... er... quotients. Read on and learn. Use the Quotient Rule for one function Divided By another A quotient is one function divided by another one.

You’re almost there now, but to make up for a very short section I’m giving you lots of lovely practice. Stretch those thinking muscles with this warm-up: Warm-up Questions 1) The graph shows the function f(x) = ex − x3 for 0 ≤ x ≤ 5. How many roots does the equation ex − x3 = 0 have in the interval 0 ≤ x ≤ 5? 2) Show that there is a root in the interval: Don’t forget to use radians when you’re given trig functions. 5 for x3 − 4x2 = 7. 2 is a root of the equation x3 + x − 3 = 0. p. p. p. Which of the three formulas converge to a root?

Quite Exciting Differentiation The second rule of maths club is — you do not talk about maths club... Confused yet? Yes I know, there are three very similar looking rules in this section, all using us and vs and xs and ys all over the shop. You won’t remember them by reading them over and over again like some mystical code. You will remember them by using them lots and lots in practice questions. Plain and simple — just how I like my men... C3 Section 4 — Differentiation 31 More Trig Differentiation After whetting your appetite with the little proof on the last page, let’s have a gander at some more trig differentiation.

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