A Russian philosophe, Alexander Radishchev, 1749-1802 by Allen McConnell

By Allen McConnell

." lots of the Russians have been fearful to profit"

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Cited in Startsev, op. , 81. 2 Ts. G. A. D. , f. 17, d. 62,1. 174. Letter of 25 January, 1771. Cited in Startesev. op. , 81-82. 3 Ibid. 1. 145 Olsuf'ev's letter to Bokum, 21 December, 1770; and 1. 163, Olsuf'ev's letter to Belosel'skii, 25 January, 1771. 4 Extracts from this report, taken from the Ts. G. A. D. , f. 17, d. 62, 11. 461-477 are given in Barskov's "A. N. Radishchev. Zhizn' i lichnost,' " M aterialy k izucheniiu .. Puteshestvija" . , 1935), 76-7. See also Startsev, op. , 86-8. LEIPZIG UNIVERSITY I 29 all that he saw of the students' living conditions, including "their rooms, beds, linen, clothes, shoes, food ...

Sock. A. N. Radiskckeva (Moscow, 1907), I, 100. IS. a Startsev, op. , 103-105. Startsev has translated the letter from the original French into Russian. His book contains on pages 103-169 twenty-six documents taken from archives in Russia and Saxony which confirm in extensive detail the version of events given by Radishchev and by the extracts from documents given in Sb. I. R. I. , X, (1872). I have used Startsev's documents for the correspondence by students and authorities on the "revolts" against Bokum.

A year after they began their studies, the Russian Minister in Dredsden, Prince Belosel'skii, wrote St. Petersburg of their success. They had been examined not only by the professors who taught them but also by other professors and the vice-president. "All acknowledge with surprise that in such a short time they showed such notable results and hold their own with those who have been studying there for a long time. They especially praise ... " 4 What did they learn from their diligent application to their studies?

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