Active Glass for Photonic Devices: Photoinduced Structures by Professor Kazuyuki Hirao, Dr. Tsuneo Mitsuyu, Dr. Jinhai Si,

By Professor Kazuyuki Hirao, Dr. Tsuneo Mitsuyu, Dr. Jinhai Si, Dr. Jianrong Qiu (auth.), Professor Kazuyuki Hirao, Dr. Tsuneo Mitsuyu, Dr. Jinhai Si, Dr. Jianrong Qiu (eds.)

This ebook specializes in chosen themes that are new and of primary value within the program of energetic glasses in photonic units. many of the chapters take care of glasses lower than the motion of upper electromagnetic fields, similar to these produced by way of femtosecond lasers. They disguise the production and research of caused buildings in glasses and a few useful units utilizing lively glasses. This publication is designed for either graduate scholars and researchers within the field.

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The fast component of the molecular contribution is thought to be mainly due to intermolecular interaction and intramolecular vibration [67]. The slow component originates from the molecular orientation effect. 6, it can be seen that the long molecule has both the smallest nonlinearity ratio and the largest Ts value for the slow component of the molecular contribution (the molecular orientation effect). 23) , the DEANST and HHSBA solutions sufficiently decrease the influence of the molecular orientation effect, and thereby exhibit a fast response.

8 Fig. 7. Absorption spectrum (solid curve) of the Au nanoparticles in the Si0 2 matrix. The curve fitted using Mie scattering theory is also depicted (dotted curve). The related band structure of gold is depicted in the inset. The arrow corresponds to the pump photon energy. The dashed and dot-dashed curves show the contributions ofthe surface plasmon and the band-to-band transition in the absorption spectrum, respectively Typical time-resolved differential optical density spectra (~OD) obtained by the white-light pump-probe method are shown in Fig.

_... ... ... ~ .. :·..... .. :- ..... : ... -- ... ·· .. ... ··· .. 3 .. - -.... ·..... _. .. .. ... -- .. -. - -. ;..... -.... ~ 2 o 5 10 15 20 25 lR pump power (mW) Fig. 17. (a) Spectrum and (b) pump-power dependence of the blue luminescence good agreement with the transverse section of the blue propeller (Fig. 19be), which could be justified by ordinary (isotropic) luminescence. 5 times larger than the transverse size of the propeller (Fig. 20). The fact that the blue luminescence is elongated along the direction of pump polarization indicates that some additional momentum is acquired by the photons in this direction.

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