Advanced Perl Programming (Perl Series) by Sriram Srinivasan

By Sriram Srinivasan

So you have got realized Perl, yet you are getting annoyed. might be you could have taken on a bigger undertaking than those you are used to. otherwise you are looking to upload a consumer interface or a networking part. otherwise you have to do extra complex errors trapping.Whether your wisdom of Perl is informal or deep, this ebook will make you a extra entire programmer. right here you could examine the advanced concepts for production-ready Perl courses. This publication explains tools for manipulating facts and gadgets that could have appeared like magic prior to. in addition, it units Perl within the context of a bigger atmosphere, supplying you with the heritage you would like for facing networks, databases, and GUIs. The dialogue of internals is helping you application extra successfully and embed Perl inside C or C inside Perl.Major themes coated include:

  • Practical use of applications and sessions (object-oriented programming)
  • Complex info structures
  • Persistence (e.g., utilizing a database)
  • Networking
  • Graphical interfaces, utilizing the Tk toolkit
  • Interaction with c program languageperiod functions
  • Embedding and increasing the Perl interpreter

In addition, the e-book patiently explains all types of language information you may have constantly desired to be aware of extra approximately, reminiscent of using references, trapping mistakes during the eval operator, non-blocking I/O, whilst closures are useful, and utilizing ties to set off activities while information is accessed. you are going to emerge from this e-book a greater hacker, and a proud grasp of Perl.

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It so happens that there is a more general rule. The braces signify a block of code, and Perl doesn't care what you put in there as long as it yields a reference of the required type. Something like {$rarray} is a straightforward expression that yields a reference readily. By contrast, the following example calls a subroutine within the block, which in turn returns a reference: sub test { return \$a; # returns a reference to a scalar variable } $a = 10; $b = ${test()}; # Calls a subroutine test within the block, which # yields a reference to $a # This reference is dereferenced print $b; # prints "10" To summarize, a block that yields a reference can occur wherever the name of a variable can occur.

You can omit -> if (and only if) it is between subscripts. That is, the following expressions are identical: print $sue{children}->[1]->{age}; print $sue{children}[1]{age}; This is similar to the way C implements multidimensional arrays, in which every index except the last one behaves like a pointer to the next level (or dimension) and the final index corresponds to the actual data. The difference - which doesn't really matter at a usage level - between C's and Perl's approaches is that C treats an n-dimensional array as a contiguous stream of bytes and does not allocate space for pointers to subarrays, whereas Perl allocates space for references to intermediate single-dimension arrays.

1 Implicit Creation of Complex Structures Suppose the first line in your program is this: $sue{children}->[1]->{age} = 10; Perl automatically creates the hash %sue, gives it a hash element indexed by the string children, points that entry to a newly allocated array, whose second element is made to refer to a freshly allocated hash, which gets an entry indexed by the string age. Talk about programmer efficiency. 2 Final Shortcut: Omit Arrows Between Subscripts While on the subject of programmer efficiency, let us discuss one more optimization for typing.

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