Advances in Parapsychological Research: Volume 2: by Montague Ullman (auth.), Stanley Krippner, Mary Lou Carlson,

By Montague Ullman (auth.), Stanley Krippner, Mary Lou Carlson, Montague Ullman, Robert O. Becker (eds.)

Montague Ullman the second one quantity of this sequence comprises essays on tools and matters in ESP study (Morris), study findings in ESP (Palmer), and theories of psi (Rao). It therefore enhances the components coated in quantity 1, the 2 volumes taken jointly offering the reader with a valid grounding within the growth and achievements of parapsychological study from its inception to the current day. what's instantly extraordinary is the quick raise within the quantity and diversity of experimental experiences showing within the final decade and the expanding variety of facilities within which study is being conducted. paintings in parapsychology is relocating towards a broader disciplinary base, using extra resourceful know-how, larger educational help, and extra task on a global scale. those are promising indicators of a rapprochement among parapsychological study and the mainstream of technological know-how. Robert O. Becker, in his preface to quantity 1, holds out the wish that parapsychology will cleared the path to a brand new view of the organic orĀ­ ganism, one going past mechanism to "a new imaginative and prescient of the man or woman and his position within the universe" (Becker, 1977). Heavy as this responĀ­ sibility can be, a cautious analyzing of the current quantity should still convince the reader new view is particularly a lot in order.

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2d. Judging the Impression Transcript. The impression record must somehow be compared with the actual target, to evaluate the extent of correspondence between the two. There are two general strategies for doing this. The first strategy is to use a target that has been numerically coded in some way whereby the subject's imagery can also be coded. The best example of this is the Maimonides slide pool described earlier. Each of the 1,024 slides in that pool can be described by ten binary digits: a 1 means the slide has a specific content category and a 0 means the slide does not, and there are ten content categories in all.

Free-Response Targets As the name implies, free-response targets are targets drawn from a wide sample of target material rather than from a limited number of alternatives already known to the subject. The subject is thus free to respond in whatever way seems appropriate. 3a. Pictorial Material. , Honorton and Harper, 1974). The target picture can be a concealed picture not known to anyone present or it can be a picture concentrated upon by an active agent. If the agent is attempting to aid the information transfer by drawing the picture, then the agent's drawing may also be serving as target.

His reading of the person was then tape-recorded and the picture casement was not opened until later. Characteristics of the target person that are fair game for a reader include: physical appearance; physical and mental health; actuarial data; socioeconomic and educational background; family details including spouse, children, pets; emotional ties; goals and ambitions; childhood details, including traumatic events, childhood emotional ties; interests and hobbies; details about other relatives and acquaintances, living and nonliving; and future events in the person's life.

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