Adventures in Science by B.C. Brookes (editor)

By B.C. Brookes (editor)

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The dust-covered building turned out to be a shed. “We’ll stay here tonight,” he said. “I’m cold and hungry,” said Mildred. There was nothing to eat in the shed. And nothing to drink. They were both very thirsty. Orry thought Mildred would cry, but she didn’t. He found some burlap sacks. He put one around Mildred. After a while, she fell asleep. Coyotes yipped in the distance. Orry was so tired. He nodded off too. m. “Orry! ” It wasn’t a dream. A faraway voice was calling them! Orry ran to the door, but drifting sand had blocked it.

Orry ran to the door, but drifting sand had blocked it. ” Orry croaked. ” His mouth was too dry. He would never be heard! ” he asked Mildred. She tried. But she could only whisper. Then she picked up Archie. ” she whispered. Archie barked loudly. ” Orry croaked. 41 Minutes later, they heard sand being scraped from the door. Then Dan Patterson burst inside. ” he said. “We’re fine,” said Orry. “Orry made a roof to keep the dirt out,” said Mildred. ” “But Mildred got Archie to tell you where we were,” said Orry.

And he learned that Mildred was no baby! 44 “Let’s go home,” said his stepfather. ” said Mildred. ” Orry was starving too. His mother’s cornmeal mush would taste great! 45 Afterword The storm on Black Sunday ruined crops and killed livestock. Its winds raged at 50 miles per hour in a dust cloud 8,000 feet high. The next day, April 15, 1935, reporter Robert Geiger wrote a newspaper story about the storm. In it, he referred to the southern plains as the Dust Bowl. The name stuck. Black Sunday spurred many farm families to leave.

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