Alain Badiou: Live Theory by Oliver Feltham

By Oliver Feltham

Alain Badiou is definitely the main intriguing and influential voice in modern French philosophy and essentially the most vital theorists at paintings this day. His impression on continental philosophy and the broader philosophy group, politics and the humanities within the final 20 years has been monstrous.

Alain Badiou: reside Theory deals a concise and obtainable creation to his paintings and concept, laying out the crucial subject matters of his significant works, together with his magnum opus, Being and Event, and its long-awaited sequel, Logics of Worlds. Oliver Feltham explores the basic questions wherein Badiou's philosophy always evolves, identifies the most important turning issues in his rules, and makes a transparent case for the coherence and robust singularity of his inspiration while hired within the research of political and inventive events. Feltham examines the thinkers and theorists with whom Badiou has engaged and who've engaged with him, arguing that Badiou's paintings is compelling accurately since it opens up new genealogies and new polemics within the highbrow panorama. The e-book contains a fresh interview with Badiou, within which he discusses his present issues and destiny plans.

This is the precise spouse to check for college students and readers encountering this interesting philosopher for the 1st time.

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Yet it is not clear how Badiou’s position – all societies are determined by economic practice, where determination consists in the selection of the dominant practice – avoids economism in turn. Moreover, in this mathematical structure the order of practices is quite unified, but at the price of eradicating any possibility of the emergence of a new practice: change is theorized as the reshuffling of the same practices into a different order. According to my diagnosis, what lies behind these problems is the influence of a figure whose shadow extends far further than that of Hegel: Aristotle.

There is no longer a teleology to history: if historical change does occur, it does not slowly but surely realize a predetermined end or an internal necessity. It is precisely at this point that modality enters the theory of social change: the key modalities of change being impossibility, possibility, necessity and contingency. 14 Badiou’s theorization of consistency For Althusser the social whole consists of a set of interlocking practices: in his commentary, Badiou criticizes Althusser for positing this combination and hierarchy of practices without having first theorized the actual space in which these practices are placed (RM, 458).

The logic of the Signifier is a metaphysics. Representation of representation, intra-ideological critical process-progress. To make good this claim Badiou develops an Althusserian epistemology of logic as a machinic production of stratified writings. However, twenty years later in his book-length study of mathematical attempts to define number, Number and numbers, Badiou returns to Miller’s non-mathematical text, admitting that he has not yet finished with its arguments. 39 This suggestion is not followed up but the persistence of the critique of Miller is enough to indicate that what is at stake is an indirect and incomplete gesture of distancing with regard to structuralism.

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