Alexander the Great: Makers of History by Jacob Abbott

By Jacob Abbott

Alexander the Great is a part of Makers of background, a nineteenth century biography sequence by way of brothers Jacob and John S.C. Abbott. Reprinted by means of Canon Press, those biographies were edited and taken updated for readers twelve and up. not just are those variants given classic variety paperback covers, yet in addition they comprise introductions that designate the place those women and men healthy into the timeline of heritage.

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Some of these writings were treatises on philosophy, others were romantic histories, narrating the exploits of the heroes of those days—of course, with much exaggeration and embellishment. There were also some poems, still more romantic than the histories, though generally on the same themes. The greatest productions of this kind were the writings of Homer, an ancient poet who lived and wrote four or five hundred years before Alexander's day. The young Alexander was greatly delighted with Homer's tales.

The motive which induced Pausanias to murder Philip in this manner was never fully ascertained. There were various opinions about it. One was, that it was an act of private revenge, occasioned by some neglect or injury which Pausanias had received from Philip. Others thought that the murder was instigated by a party in the states of Greece, who were hostile to Philip, and unwilling that he should command the allied armies that were about to penetrate into Asia. Demosthenes, the celebrated orator, was Philip's great enemy among the Greeks.

A spirited horse knows immediately when any one approaches him in a timid or cautious manner. He appears to look with contempt on such a master, and to determine not to submit to him. On the contrary, horses seem to love to yield obedience to man, when the individual who exacts the obedience possesses those qualities of coolness and courage which their instincts enable them to appreciate. ALEXANDER AND BUCEPHALUS At any rate, Bucephalus was calmed and subdued by the presence of Alexander. He allowed himself to be caressed.

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