Always I Am Caesar by W. Jeffrey Tatum

By W. Jeffrey Tatum

Through analyzing his army and political profession, domestic existence and relationships with ladies, Always i'm Caesar offers a brilliant portrait of Caesar’s existence and the days of historical Rome in the course of its transition from republic to empire.

  • Provides a richer portrait of Caesar’s existence via viewing him from a number of point of view and referring to him to broader Roman society
  • Explores points of Caesar’s occupation in cultural and social terms
  • Engaging and witty sort will entice common readers

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This marriage produced a son and a daughter, though it is just possible that the consul of 91 bc, Sextus Julius Caesar, was our Caesar’s uncle. In any case this man seems to have perished very soon after holding office, and he is never in our sources associated with Caesar or with Caesar’s father, who must have seemed a promising fellow. After all, he married an Aurelia, very likely the daughter of Lucius Aurelius Cotta, the consul of 119 bc. His death in 85 bc naturally put an end to his career, but, inasmuch as his praetorship came only in 92 bc, he had already fallen behind.

Powerful enemies, so long as you did not have too many of them, created the impression that you, too, were powerful – what Tacitus called ipsa inimicitiarum gloria, the sheer glory of enmities. This mattered in a society in which vengeance was a moral obligation. ” Gentle Romans. Despite all these efforts, Caesar cannot have been doing very well in terms of public estimation. In 71 bc he reached his first elected post, the office of military tribune. Now in ancient days, the position had mattered quite a lot.

Just as we in modern societies value our commitment to individuality, we tend all of us to want to be individuals together. Amongst ourselves there is not in practice a significant degree of diversity in houses, cars, attitudes toward private property or fashion (most men still go to the office in jackets and ties and not in ball gowns). Likewise the Romans were not clones of one another, but they valued their tendency toward conformity, not least because it promoted social stability. It was also instinctive for Romans, and this is my second gross overgeneralization, to be deferential.

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