An Aristotelian Feminism, 1st Edition by Sarah Borden Sharkey (auth.)

By Sarah Borden Sharkey (auth.)

This booklet articulates the theoretical outlines of a feminism built from Aristotle’s metaphysics, creating a new contribution to feminist thought. Readers will notice why Aristotle was once no longer a feminist and the way he may have turn into one, via an research of Aristotle and Aristotelian culture. the writer exhibits how Aristotle’s metaphysics can be utilized to articulate a very sophisticated and theoretically robust realizing of gender which may supply a hugely great tool for distinctively feminist arguments.

This paintings builds on Martha Nussbaum’s ‘capabilities process’ in a extra explicitly and punctiliously hylomorphist means. the writer indicates how Aristotle’s hylomorphic version, built to run among the extremes of Platonic dualism and Democritean atomism, can equally be used at the present time to articulate a view of gender that takes physically alterations heavily with out lowering gender to organic determinations.

Although written for theorists, this scholarly but available booklet can be utilized to handle more effective matters and the ultimate bankruptcy explores girls in universities as one instance. This e-book will entice either feminists with restricted familiarity with Aristotle’s philosophy, and students of Aristotle with constrained familiarity with feminism.

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58 And thus, even if I am correct about differences, we might want to accept William’s suggestions for the particular examples she discusses. 59 I will, however, give one example of where this model could be used to understand educational institutions in Chap. 6. 20 1 Nussbaum, Capabilities, and Biology look briefly at why many feminists—Nussbaum included—have tended to downplay biological differences. Reasons for Downplaying Biological Differences It is understandable that Nussbaum and so many other feminists have downplayed biological differences.

There is no doubt that abilities previously thought to be tied directly to biology are not so connected. It has been a hard-fought battle to show that women’s biology does not hinder their ability to succeed in, for example, professional realms. S. Supreme Court case (Bradwell v Illinois), decided in support of an Illinois law prohibiting female lawyers. , the fact that women can be mothers) has been both an implicit and explicit justification for limiting women’s access to property ownership, any significant role in the state, certain forms of formal education, etc.

Athletic ability requires training, and training women to any high level of athletic skill has not been a priority for much of our history. 67 It has long been assumed that women would be slower runners than men, were they to compete under any kind of equitable conditions. ”68 Fausto-Sterling cites the 1983 times, for a woman (Joan Benoit), as 2 h, 22 min, and 43 s and, for a man (Alberto Salazar), as 2 h, 8 min, and 13 s. The 2008 records stand at 2 h, 15 min, 25 s for a woman (Paula Radcliffe) and 2 h, 3 min, 59 s for a man (Haile Gebrselassie).

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