An interpretation of ancient Hindu medicine (French by Chandra Chakraberty

By Chandra Chakraberty

Via Chakraberty, Chandra

Published 1923
Topics drugs, Ayurvedic

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An interpretation of ancient Hindu medicine (French Edition)

Via Chakraberty, ChandraPublished 1923Topics drugs, Ayurvedic

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In a tropical inflicting life regarded of this. pain, climate, as a hygienic measure, cremation of the dead has been ordained as a religious duty from So there was no regular chance dissection and to acquire tlie exact misty antiquity. for human ANCIENT HINDU MEI'ICINE 3 knowledge of human anatomy. "Whatever tnowit obtained acquired, they ledge they from personal observation and expSrience^ from caring for the wounded and disabled from a comparative on the battle-tields, the of study animal from anatomy the is animals in the pre-Buddhistic period.

Latnmi 3 Ligamentum uteri (broad ligament), teres ligamentum uteri (round ligament) and the muscular 'corpus uteri'. Pallopian tube 3 3 Tunica muscularis, ligamentum ovarium proprium and mesovarium. "adhere are 500 muscles [pesl]. 400 of them are in the 4 extremities, 66 in the trunk, and 34 ^bove the shoulder (in the neck and the head). 24 ANCIENT HINDU MEDICINE imdahgull ) of each foot have 15 muscles, having 3 muscles for each toe ;, 10 in **Tlie toes { the fore-foot {padagre) 10 in the heel {hurchin the ankle and the sole (gulpha-talayoh) cJia) ; 10 between the ankle and the knee {gulpha; ; 20 in janvantare = Ieg) 20 ; 5 in th^ knee (janu) the thigh {uru) 10 in the groin (vanJcsana) : thus in one foot there are 100 muscles so in ; ; ; the other foot and the two arms.

In the four branches (hands and feet)^ in the jaw-bones and the loin, the joints are movable and the rest of the — of should regard as permanent (that joints, the wise is, of partial or incomplete movement). "There are 200 joints in the body. Of them 68 are in the four extremities, 59 in the trunk and 83 above the shoulder (that is, in the neck and the head). —» 'B'^I^ II ^l Susruta 9 —-- . III. 5, 21« —— ' 18 AKCIENT HINDU MEDICINE r "In every toe there are 3,except the grekt to© (correspondino;- to the thumb) which has two jo+ 2 = 14).

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