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Not spec. (1) Hispanic or Latino: Central American: Costa Rican Honduran Nicaraguan Salvadoran Cuban Dominican Republic Mexican Puerto Rican South American: Argentinean Colombian Other Hispanic or Latino Irish Italian Scotch-Irish United States or American West Indian, excl. 13 Ancestry/Race Number Acadian/Cajun 8 African American/Black: 481 Not Hispanic (453) 475 Hispanic (1) 6 African, sub-Saharan: 21 African 21 Am. Ind. , not spec. 22 American Indian tribes, specified: 69 Blackfeet 1 Cherokee (10) 44 Chickasaw (1) 1 Choctaw 1 Creek (1) 6 Latin American Indians (2) 8 Lumbee (1) 3 Osage 1 Ute 1 All other tribes (1) 3 American Indian tribes, not spec.

Not spec. American Indian tribes, specified: Apache (1) Blackfeet Cherokee (32) Cheyenne Chickasaw Chippewa (1) Choctaw (9) Creek (11) Delaware (1) Houma (1) Iroquois (3) Latin American Indians (6) Lumbee (1) Navajo (1) Osage Paiute (1) Potawatomi (1) Seminole (3) Sioux All other tribes (2) American Indian tribes, not spec. Arab: Arab/Arabic Lebanese Palestinian Other Arab Asian: Bangladeshi (8) Chinese, ex. 02 Samoan (4) Other Polynesian (1) Other Pac. , specified Other Pac. , not spec. (2) Hispanic or Latino: Central American: Costa Rican Guatemalan Honduran Nicaraguan Panamanian Salvadoran Cuban Dominican Republic Mexican Puerto Rican South American: Argentinean Bolivian Chilean Colombian Ecuadorian Paraguayan Peruvian Venezuelan Other South American Other Hispanic or Latino Hungarian Iranian Irish Italian Lithuanian Northern European Norwegian Polish Romanian Russian Scotch-Irish Scottish Slavic Slovak Slovene Swedish Swiss Turkish Ukrainian United States or American Welsh West Indian, excl.

Persons can report being both White and Irish, b) persons of Hispanic origin can report being any race, c) persons reporting two ancestries are counted in both categories. 2. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of persons reporting this ancestry/race alone, not in combination with any other ancestry/race. 3. Refer to the Explanation of Data in the front of the book for more detailed information. 26 Vestavia Hills, Alabama Iroquois (1) Navajo (1) American Indian tribes, not spec. Asian: Bangladeshi (16) Chinese, ex.

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