Animal Rights (Point Counterpoint) by Kevin Hile

By Kevin Hile

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Enlightenment and Community (McGill-Queen's Studies in the History of Ideas)

Jürgen Habermas' pioneering paintings has provoked excessive dialogue concerning the upward push of a latest public sphere and civil society. Redekop revises and expands the Habermasian thesis via demonstrating that, instead of being quite "bourgeois," the eighteenth-century German public was once a frustrating, amorphous entity that was once no longer in accordance with a unmarried social grouping - a beckoning determine that led Lessing, Abbt, and Herder on specific yet related quests to provide it form and shape.

Justice, Equal Opportunity and the Family

3 universal assumptions of either liberal idea and political debate are the autonomy of the kinfolk, the main of benefit, and equality of lifestyles chances.  Fishkin argues that even less than the simplest stipulations, dedication to any of those rules precludes the 3rd. “A short survey and very good critique of up to date liberal political theory….

The Cult of Authority: The Political Philosophy of the Saint-Simonians

There exists an intensive literature at the heritage of the Saint­ Simonian circulation in addition to on numerous stages of Saint-Simo­ nian monetary, literary, aesthetic, feminist, and pacifist idea and job. besides the fact that, till the 1st variation of the current paintings, no better examine had undertaken an exam of the $64000 subject of the political considered the Saint-Simonians.

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Cruel and unnecessary tests should be banned. Despite the passage of the AWA, many standard tests continue to be conducted that animal rights groups such as PETA believe seriously abuse animals. Two of the most infamous of these are the LD-50 and Draize tests. Point2 1/14/04 7:00 AM Page 55 Animals Should Not Be Used in Medical Research The LD-50 test was designed in 1927 by J. W. Trevan, a British pharmacologist, to discover the levels at which certain chemicals were lethal to animals. The name “LD-50” refers to the dosage level of a chemical that results in the deaths (LD = lethal dose) of 50 percent of the test subjects, usually rats.

On the other hand, whereas large brains don’t always equal intelligence, some animals with much smaller brains have surprised scientists with their mental acuity. A good example of this is the African Grey parrot, which has a brain about the size of a walnut. In 1990, Dr. Irene M. 3 Most people know that parrots can imitate sounds and words very well, but scientists had been unsuccessful in showing that parrots can understand and participate in a meaningful dialogue before Pepperberg’s work. Pepperberg was able to demonstrate that parrots can use words as labels to properly identify objects, colors, and shapes; they can also use conjunctions, grasp concepts such as “absence” and “permanence,” express desires verbally, and count (although she cautions that Alex the parrot might have just been very good at estimating numbers of objects and may not, in fact, have been counting).

The first recorded use of animal experimentation,” according to Jordan Curnutt in his Animals and the Law: A Sourcebook, “occurred in about 450 B. C . E . ” 1 Such experimentation continued throughout the development of Greek and Roman civilization. Point2 1/14/04 7:00 AM Page 53 Animals Should Not Be Used in Medical Research anything to ease their pain, and since these early scientists often wished to observe the functions of a living body in action, the animals were usually not killed before procedures were performed.

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