Atomic Inner-Shell Processes by Bernd Crasemann

By Bernd Crasemann

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1/τ7) f" 2 (dQ/Q +«)a2 l 2 J 2 oc (Ζι/Ζ ) (τ;^/ΤΓ '+ )α2 2 2 10 2 2 Ψ /*η 2 (49) Don Η. Madison and Ε. Merzbacher 34 Fig. 9. Total Born approximation L subshell (2pi/2) ionization cross section ul% as a function of incident energy E, for three values of the screening parameter 0L - The reduced cross section 0L*Zi ox,/Zi is in units of a£. The reduced energy η = mE/M is in units of Z£R* . The cross section for the Ls subshell (2ps/2) is obtained by doubling σ^,. 2 2 2 2 which again displays universality.

Its extraordinary simplicity lies in the fac­ torization between purely atomic quantities (the form factor) and an integral over the orbit of the projectile; the two factors are coupled by the q integration. The quantity F > (q) in Eq. (60) is the same form factor defined in Eq. (26). It appears here as a function of the purely mathe­ matical Fourier transform variable q. The form factor can be given an illuminating interpretation in terms of the sudden approximation applied to an impulsive interaction.

OL and σικ,ηΐ, may not be ignored, especially, since the energy dependence of satellite intensi­ ties can be very different from that of the diagram line. It is less easy to relate the cross sections for production of more than one vacancy in the L shell to the one-electron transition probabilities pre­ viously derived. The probability of exciting any one of the electrons in the L shell is P L ( 0 ) . The probability of removing a specific L-shell electron depends strongly on its quantum numbers, and the removal of one electron may affect the probability of removing a second one, quite apart from the obvious effect of the reduction in the number of available L electrons.

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