Banach Space Theory and Its Applications by A. Pietsch

By A. Pietsch

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Futurescapes: Space in Utopian and Science Fiction Discourses. (Spatial Practices)

This e-book testifies to the turning out to be curiosity within the many areas of utopia. It intends to 'map out' on utopian and science-fiction discourses many of the new and revisionist versions of spatial research utilized in Literary and Cultural stories in recent times. the purpose of the amount is to side-step the validated popular binary of utopia and dystopia or technological know-how fiction and hence to open the research of utopian literature to new strains of inquiry.

Rethinking Urban Parks: Public Space and Cultural Diversity

City parks corresponding to long island City's primary Park offer important public areas the place urban dwellers of all races and sessions can mingle properly whereas having fun with numerous recreations. by means of coming jointly in those cozy settings, various teams develop into happy with one another, thereby strengthening their groups and the democratic textile of society.

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