Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar: A Student's Guide to by Qin Xue Herzberg

By Qin Xue Herzberg

Here is a concise advisor to complement any process examine and support with homework, shuttle, and try out instruction. issues comprise be aware order, time, nouns, verbs, adjectives, observe offerings with verbs and adverbs, and letter writing. the easy structure has one objective: quickly mastery and turning out to be confidence.

Qin Xue Herzberg, a graduate of Beijing common collage, has taught chinese language for many years and has been an upper-level chinese language professor at Calvin university for ten years.

Larry Herzberg did his PhD paintings in chinese language and based the chinese courses at Albion university and Calvin College.

Qin and Larry dwell in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and are co-authors of the preferred China Survival Guide in addition to the lately published Chinese Proverbs and renowned Sayings.

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The bananas are spoiled. Xiāngjiāo huài le. 香蕉坏了。 When something is “bad/not good,” use bùhǎo 不好: That movie is bad. Nàge diànyǐng bùhǎo. 那个电影不好。 When talking about pain or illness, use lìhai 厉害, “bad” in the sense of “severe/serious”: I have a bad headache. Wǒde tóu téng de hěn lìhai. 我的头疼得很厉害。 That person has a bad cold. Nàge rén gǎnmào de hěn lìhai. 那个人感冒得很厉害。 (3) Use búcuò 不错, “not bad,” when you mean “quite good” Today’s weather isn’t bad, is it? Jīntiān de tiānqi búcuò, duì búduì?

CC: Wǒ liǎngtiān méi shuìjiào le. 我两天没睡觉了。 ✖ BC: Wǒ méi shuìjiào liǎngtiān. 我没睡觉两天。 Literally: I haven’t slept two days. English: I haven’t smoked for a year. Chinese: I for one year have not smoked. CC: Wǒ yìnián méi xīyān le. ): English: Why are you studying Chinese? Chinese: You why (for what reason) are studying Chinese? ✔ CC: Nǐ wèishénme xué zhōngwén? 你为什么学中文? English: Why didn’t she come to class? Chinese: She why (for what reason) didn’t come to class? ✔ CC: Tā wèishénme méi shàngkè? 她为什么没上课? ✖ BC: Wèishénme tā méi shàngkè?

E) Use wèi 为 to express “for (someone or something’s sake)” My parents sacrificed a lot for me. Wǒ fùmǔ wèi wǒ zuòchū le hěn dàde xīshēng. 我父母为我做出了很大的牺牲。 My parents were proud of their son. Wǒ fùmǔ wèi tāmen de érzi gǎndào jiāoào. 我父母为他们的儿子感到骄傲。 We celebrated my mother’s birthday (for her sake). Wǒmen wèi māma qìngzhù le tāde shēngrì. ). Wǒ wèi wǒ māma dānxīn le. 我为我妈妈担心了。 (f) Use tì 替 to express “for” in the sense of “substituting for”; “in place of” Mrs. Li taught for Mrs. Wang. Lǐ tàitai tì Wáng tàitai jiāoshū le.

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