Bioenergetics and Thermodynamics: Model Systems: Synthetic by A. Braibanti (auth.), A. Braibanti (eds.)

By A. Braibanti (auth.), A. Braibanti (eds.)

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A detailed Ni(II)-binding studies were undertaken with these chelating agents with a view to understand the reason for their efficiency in the removal of Ni(II). 1. INTRODUCTION Metal toxicity caused by excessive intake of metal due to occupational exposure or environmental pollution is of much concern in recent years. There are reports of high level of Ni(II) in the blood of individuals in the mining town of Sudbury, Ontario, the site of the largest open-pit nickel mines in North America (1). The results showed that the serum nickel in the healthy inhabitants of Sudbury was double that of healthy inhabitants of Hartford, Connecticut, a city with relatively low environmental concentration of nickel.

In (~), the stronger hydrogen bonding potential of a pyridyl nitrogen is demonstrated by its high Ka value relative to that for (~). 3. HANDEDNESS AND SYMMETRY Chirality can be introduced into synthetic receptor molecules in one of two ways. Resolution of a racemic modification of an appropriate synthon provides one approach to the problem. The other approach - which will be illustrated here - is to incorporate natural products into the syntheses of the receptor molecules. The most obvious way to render the crown ether binding sites chiral is to employ readily available enantiomerically pure carbohydrates with known chiroptical properties in their syntheses.

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