Birthplace, Migration and Crime: The Australian Experience by Ronald D. Francis

By Ronald D. Francis

An historic and modern account of migrant crime in Australia, this ebook explores quite a number matters from psychological health and wellbeing and victimology to immigration coverage and felony research, arguing that it really is birthplace, now not race, which affects upon crimes devoted through migrants.

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One could see that a moderate wealth disparity, coupled with political stability in a tolerant society, could be most attractive. A measure of wealth disparity is given in the Gini Coefficient (see References). 34 where 0 indicates perfect equality of income, and 1 represents perfect inequality where one person has all of the income and others nothing. The rating is similar to that for most parts of Europe and to Canada. The opposite is true of large parts of South America and South Africa. On the matter of poverty, first there would need to be a change in the governments of most low-income countries.

A second kind is also ‘push’ but the impetus comes from social rather than ecological agencies. This may be forced to a degree that depends upon social/legal compulsion. ‘Free migration’ is characterised by motivated individuals choosing to move for their own private reasons. The last type Petersen calls ‘mass’ migration and this is where free migration occurs in large numbers. There are recurrent themes in the topic of crime and the foreign-born. These concern conventional criminality, second and subsequent generation immigrants, native peoples, wanderers, crime, racism, tourism, and the general topic of policy and values.

The use of the labour of those incarcerated both was and is an issue. The issue of temporary residence visas allows access to the community, and the ticket of leave Introduction 13 was something similar. The controversy over assimilation, the special treatment of children, and the challenge of differing religious values all have a modern resonance with the early engagement of those same issues. The Colony As is inevitable, significant social changes took place in the Colony. It is interesting to note that the ‘classes’ of persons that were endemic in the early days of colonisation have given way to a reduction of ‘class’, something that seems to be constant in Britain and Europe.

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