Boy Kings of Texas: A Memoir by Domingo Martinez

By Domingo Martinez

A lyrical and real booklet that recounts the tale of a border-town kin in Brownsville, Texas within the 1980's, as each one family member desperately attempts to assimilate and get away lifestyles at the border to turn into "real" americans, even on the price in their shared relations historical past. this is often relatively un-mined territory within the memoir style that provides in-depth perception right into a formerly unexplored nook of the USA.

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College Catalog. ” Journal Leonardo. Volume 23, numbers 2 and 3. 2002. * Technoculture Program (2006), (UC Davis). ” Excerpt quoted from R. Buckminster Fuller. Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. Penguin, New York: 1973. * Wilson, Stephen (2002), Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology. Cambridge, MIT Press. *All websites were accessed April 2, 2006. qxd 8/4/08 18:32 Page 47 PIXELS AND PARTICLES: THE PATH TO SYNCRETISM Roy Ascott Telematic connectivity is about the connectivity of minds, the potentiality of being distributed beyond the constraints of space and time, in asynchronic communication.

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