Breathing Space Only by Wynne WHITEFORD


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He pointed outside. " "Bigger. Geologically younger. But I'd better get you back. The starship will pass over your town an hour before dawn tomorrow. If you're ready to go ahead, signal with the light as you did before. I'll come and pick you up within minutes in the large shuttle. " A minute or two later, they took off in the flier, as she called the smaller machine. The sun was just rising as they dropped towards the flat stretch of land where they had made contact. He could see the green truck like a child's toy by the side of the road.

He asked. "Ours," said one of the other men, a tall, gaunt man with prominent eyes and a bulging Adam's apple. " Roy continued to look at the lamp, his mind racing. Only Vern had known he had taken it from the airport, and Vern was dead. There was nothing to connect him with it. He looked at Lang. " he asked. "We don't know. All they had was a radar trace. It suggested something about the size of the old Beech Queenair— you know, the ten-passenger job with the twin engines. But it didn't behave like any aircraft the radar boys had ever tracked.

That meant she would be talking with Ev. Without waiting to go in to his house, he turned and walked quickly along to the library. Outside it was parked the small orange electric runabout that Ev sometimes drove. He walked in to see Jill talking, as he had expected, with Ev, sitting on one corner of the desk while Ev leaned back in her chair. They both looked at Roy as he went in, and Jill ran to meet him. They kissed, and she recoiled with a startled yelp. "Hey! " "Sorry. " He rasped his fingers across his chin.

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