Casualties of Care: Immigration and the Politics of by Miriam I. Ticktin

By Miriam I. Ticktin

This booklet explores the accidental results of compassion on the earth of immigration politics. Miriam Ticktin specializes in France and its humanitarian immigration practices to argue politics in line with care and defense can lead the nation to view problems with immigration and asylum via a scientific lens. reading “regimes of care”—humanitarianism and the move to forestall violence opposed to women—Ticktin asks what it potential to allow the ailing and sexually violated to pass borders whereas the impoverished can't? She demonstrates how in an inhospitable immigration weather, strange pathologies can develop into the potential to residency papers, making stipulations like HIV, melanoma, and choose reviews of sexual violence into specific benefits for would-be migrants. Ticktin’s research additionally indicts the inequalities cast by means of worldwide capitalism that force humans emigrate, and the nation practices that criminalize nearly all of undocumented migrants on the cost of take care of the phenomenal few.

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Of course, masculinity need not be attached to specific types of biological bodies. Here I refer to masculine discourses that can be adopted by males or females, where the heroic warrior is a standard symbol (Eisenstein 2007; Hooper 2001). 21 Care here is often about rescue. Just as the new humanitarianism arose from the ashes of the revolutionary moment of May ’68, the language of those against violence against women is built on the back of feminist movements of the global North and South, pushing for political change and gender equality.

What are the signifiers of innocent suffering? This book is about their embodied expression. iii. the politics of antipolitics This book began as a search for the political; what I found was a politics—or rather, antipolitics—of care. By this, I mean two things: first, those who act in the name of the moral imperative generally claim to be apolitical—beyond or outside politics; second, rather than remaining outside the system in their desire to not engage with politics, they work to reinforce the status quo, the established order.

What emerged was a victim-subject, particularly one of sexual harm, seen in isolation from other injustices or forms of exploitation—this was the only way to get around the tensions between feminist movements in the North and South and what each claimed to be the more significant forms of injustice: discrimination or lack of development. A focus on physical injury—believed to be a “transcultural value”—was looked to as a foolproof way to prevent cultural imperialism in the movement (Keck and Sikkink 1998:195).

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