Chemistry for use with International Baccalaureate Diploma by John Green

By John Green


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What would the volume be if the gas were heated to 100 °C, whilst at the same time compressing Solution it to 5 atm? 0 292 A B C D 2 10 250 585 2) The pressure on 600 cm3 of gas is increased from 100 kPa to 300 kPa at constant temperature. What will the new volume of gas be? 3 1) A sealed flask contains 250 cm3 of gas at 35oC and atmospheric pressure. The flask is then heated to 350oC. 5 dm3, what must the temperature be increased to so that the pressure remains constant? 00 atmospheres, is heated to 273oC and the pressure increased to 8 atmospheres.

88 The molecular formula of vitamin C is therefore 2 × (C3H4O3) = C6H8O6. 11. Reacting mass calculations SOLUTION Required: mass of potassium nitrate. Known: mass and molar mass of O2, hence the amount of O2. equation, hence the amount of KNO3. molar mass of KNO3, hence calculate the mass from the amount. 00 When aqueous silver nitrate is added to an aqueous solution containing chromate ions, a brick-red precipitate of silver chromate (Ag2CrO4) forms. 00 g of silver nitrate? 01 g mol–1) SOLUTION Required: mass of silver chromate Known: mass and molar mass of, hence the amount of AgNO3.

34 g) Therefore: use n = __ ​ m ​to find the amount of Mg, M then use n = c × V to find the amount of Ag+, use a balanced equation to find the limiting reagent and the amount of Ag, and finally calculate the mass using m = n × M. 05512 moles of magnesium. 050 dm3) Therefore: first use n = __ ​ m ​to find the amount M of lead carbonate,then use the balanced equation to find the amount of lead nitrate, and finally use c = __ ​ n ​ to find the V concentration. CORE Therefore: Find the amount of permanganate used.

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