Confessions, Vol. 1: Introduction and Text by Saint Augustine;James J. O’Donnell (ann.)

By Saint Augustine;James J. O’Donnell (ann.)

The Confessions of Augustine have lengthy either demanded and eluded the sustained and severe awareness to element scholarly remark promises. This new paintings in 3 volumes is an incredible new reference in Augustine scholarship. A revised Latin textual content of the Confessions in quantity I kinds the root for an in depth line-by-line observation (Volumes II and III) designed to explain the various layers of which means within the paintings. large citation and considerable quotation of Augustine's personal writings, of the scriptural texts that have been by no means faraway from his brain, and of the works of his highbrow forebears (chief between them Cicero, Plotinus, and Ambrose) are supposed to supply one crucial context for studying the Confessions. putting the emphasis totally on exegesis, O'Donnell opens up new strains of interpretation, and offers a wealth of unpolluted element to a few extra widespread subject matters. where of the Confessions in Augustine's personal lifestyles and within the historical past of Christian literature is usually mentioned and illuminated.

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61 For the way the topic of continence develops in the Confessions, see further on 8. t. 2. A READING OF THE CONFESSIONS xli speaking, Augustine is redeemed, and in so far as he is redeemed and reformed according to the image and likeness of God, he becomes representative of all humankind. The work begins with a cry of exultant praise, 'magnus es domine et laudabilis valde' (1. 1. 1), voiced by Augustine. When the same line (a scriptural text) is brought back at the beginning of Bk. 11, it is introduced 'ut dicamus omnes' (11.

Few modern scholars (indeed, few moderns of any persuasion, including the most ardent proponents of a traditional doctrine of transubstantiation) hold a view of the importance and efficacy of cult acts that even remotely approaches the visceral reverence for cult that all late antique men and women felt. We like to believe that there were serene and cultless philosophers in that age, not exactly anticlerical but certainly not superstitiously devoted to ritual and ceremony. 28 27 The provisional nature of that decision perhaps needs emphasis.

43) Sed contra: But all attempts to depict the Confessions as essentially or mainly a story of the ascent of the mind to God encounter great difficulties—one extrinsic and one intrinsic. 45 Noticeably missing from the summary in 39 9. 10. 25, 'si cui sileat . ,' almost a translation from Plot. 5. 1. 2. " [cf. Mt. 25: 21]'. 41 For details, see introd. n. to Bk. 10. 42 Cf. esp. 11. 29. 39-30. 40 (note 11. 27. 34, for the thematic echo of Ps. 99: 3, 'ipse fecit nos') and t3- 13- «443 The ascent is from corporal to spiritual to intellectual vision.

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