Conquerors and Slaves (Sociological Studies in Roman by Keith Hopkins

By Keith Hopkins

The large dimension of the Roman empire and the size of time it persevered demand an figuring out of the associations which sustained it. during this publication, Keith Hopkins, who's either classicist and sociologist, makes use of a variety of sociological techniques and techniques to realize new insights into how conventional Roman associations replaced because the Romans got their empire. He examines the chain reactions as a result of elevated wealth; a number of features of slavery, particularly manumission and the price of freedom; the curious phenomenon of the political strength wielded through eunuchs at court docket; and within the ultimate bankruptcy he discusses the Roman emperor's divinity and the move of unfaithful tales, which have been a forex of the political method. Professor Hopkins has constructed an exhilarating method of social questions in antiquity and his ebook could be of curiosity to all scholars of historic historical past and of old sociology.

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7, ed. J . O . Lindsay (Cambridge, 1957) 179 a n d 305; vol. 9, ed. C . W . Crawley (Cambridge, 1965) 32 a n d 64. I have not considered warlike tribes such as some R e d Indians o r the Zulu as comparable. O n the general problem of military participation ratios see S. A n d r e s k i , Military Organization and Society ( L o n d o n , 1954). 11 Conquerors Continuous w a n of imperial conquest T h e plundering of conquered territories c. 1. T h e growth of slavery i n Roman Italy - a scheme of interdependence source o f state r e v e n u e .

Pictures a n d slogans, such as J u l i u s Caesar's * I c a m e , I saw, I c o n q u e r e d ' , i l l u s t r a t e d t h e general's a c h i e v e m e n t s . A f t e r these, t h e p r i s o n e r s o f w a r : k i n g s i n c h a r i o t s w i t h r o p e s a r o u n d t h e i r necks, 3 4 3 6 T h e centres of m o d e r n d u e s i n relatively non-militaristic countries also have their war memorials, statues of generals o n horseback a n d May Day parades. I find it difficult to portray the intensity of R o m a n militarism - I use the word evocatively, not pejoratively.

T h e figures are probably anachronistic, a n d may instead refer to the third century BC. See the brilliant essay of E . Gabba, Republican Rome, the Army and the Allies (Berkeley, 1976) 1-69. Gabba takes the evidence to reflect a fall i n the m i n i m u m property requirement for legionaries. Dionysius also averred that half the R o m a n population had less than this m i n i m u m ; but he also tells us a lot which cannot be believed. I take the evidence to imply a low property requirement, a widespread ownership of land a n d a widespread obligation to fight.

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