Dead Space 2: Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game by Michael Knight

By Michael Knight

• Maps for each point, together with multiplayer, created solely for this guide
• destinations for strength Nodes, Schematics, and different items
• specialist strategt on dismembering all Necromorphs
• Walkthrough for the Playstation three and Wii specific Dead area: Extraction
• Preview Dead area Martyr, useless house Aftermath, and Dead area Salvage
• information and tips for lifeless area: Ignition
• locate the Peng

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Saturn was as far from Earth as the consortia were willing to work and still have reasonable access to timely supplies and support. PRIMA Official Game Guide // 45 Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited. MULTIPLAYER EXTRACTION EXTRAS CONTENTS HOW TO USE THE BASICS CHARACTERS TOOLS OF THE TRADE WALKTHROUGH MULTIPLAYER EXTRACTION EXTRAS LIMITED EDITION THE RIG MOVEMENT/CONTROL COMBAT TACTICS HUMANS NECROMORPHS WEAPONS INTEGRATED EQUIPMENT SUITS ITEMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 PLAYING PLAYING HUMAN PLAYING NECROMORPH MAPS EXPERIENCE POINTS BASIC TRAINING GUNS AND GEAR STORY MODE CHALLENGE MODE TROPHIES IGNITION 360 & PS3 ACHVS/TROPHIES UNITOLOGY DOWNLOADS BONUS COMMENTARIES ART OF SHY ISAAC’S SUIT COU LETTER CONCEPT ART After riding the elevator to another level, exit and visit the save station to record your progress.

As I was fighting it, I also ran around the area to stay away from this beast. I smashed several of the containers and found plasma energy or small med packs inside. These really came in handy, since I needed quite a bit of ammo to take this big bad Necromorph down, and I tended to get hurt while fighting. HOW TO USE THE BASICS CHARACTERS TOOLS OF THE TRADE After exiting the emergency arrival area where you just took out the Tripod, follow a corridor leading down toward the vehicle maintenance bay.

It is a Slasher. Kill it and then be ready to deal with a Leaper that is also in this area. Once they are both down, continue to the concourse’s opposite end and pick up some ammo. The doorway out of here is malfunctioning right now; this usually means you have not killed everything in this area. LINE RACKS DETONATOR SEEKER RIFLE PULSE ROUNDS FLAMETHROWER RIPPER BLADES FORCE GUN CONTACT BEAM VINTAGE SUIT DETONATOR ROUNDS LARGE MED PACK SEEKER SHELLS FORCE ENERGY ADVANCED SUIT From the side of the concourse where you entered, an Exploder will start heading your way.

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