Diamond Mask (Galactic Milieu Trilogy) by Julian May

By Julian May

The twenty first century was once drawing to a detailed, and metapsychic humankind was once poised eventually to accomplish cohesion -- to be admitted into the gang brain of the already unified alien races of the Galactic Milieu. yet a turning out to be corps of rebels used to be plotting to maintain the folk of Earth without end separate within the identify of human individuality. And the rebels had a mystery supporter: Fury, the insane metapsychic creatrue that will cease at not anything to assert humanity for itself. Fury's maximum enemy used to be the mutant genius Jack the Bodiless, whose energy it craved. yet Jack might by no means be a device for Fury . . .
And so it became to Dorothea Macdonald, a tender lady who had spent an entire life hiding her towering mindpowers from the easiest brain readers of the Milieu. yet she couldn't disguise them from Fury -- or from Jack. repeatedly she rejected their advances, unwilling to be drawn into the maelstrom of galactic politics or megalomaniacal goals. And after all, not anyone -- now not Jack, now not Fury, now not even the Galactic Milieu -- will be a fit for the remarkable powers of the lady who might emerge as known as Diamond masks . . .

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Chosen only for illustration. In general, under Def. 3R, everything is of value to a at time t which it would be empirically possible for a to desire at time t under any empirically possible circumstances (however remote from the actual circumstances). This is little if any less disastrous than the situation under Def. 3, that everything whatever is of value to a at time t. Of course the foregoing refutation of Fitch’s definition of value is strongly suggestive of the paradox of the liar and other epistemological paradoxes.

Knowledge is closed under necessary empirical implication). ⁸ See for instance, Church’s use in Report 2: 1. ⁹ Report 2: 1. 2 A Logical Analysis of Some Value Concepts¹ Frederic B. Fitch The purpose of this paper is to provide a partial logical analysis of a few concepts that may be classified as value concepts or as concepts that are closely related to value concepts. Among the concepts that will be considered are striving for, doing, believing, knowing, desiring, ability to do, obligation to do, and value for.

In the second half we find a logical analysis of a particular concept of value, which happens not to share the relevant logical properties with the concept of knowledge. Why does Fitch develop and include the knowability results in a paper whose primary goal is to articulate a logical analysis of value? It initially appears that the knowability considerations have nothing to do with Fitch’s final analysis. The thesis of the present paper is that Fitch’s intent was to pinpoint a disruptive set of logical properties that lend themselves to the trivialization of conditional analyses.

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