Graph Data Model: and Its Data Language, 1st Edition by Hideko S. Kunii (auth.)

By Hideko S. Kunii (auth.)

Complex databases should be understood good with visible illustration. A graph is a truly intuitive and rational constitution to visually signify such databases. Graph info version (GDM) proposed through the writer formalizes info illustration and operations at the information when it comes to the graph notion. The GDM is an extension of the relational version towards structural illustration. during this version, a database is outlined through a schema graph the place nodes signify checklist forms and arcs signify hyperlink varieties which are relationships among list varieties. The services of the GDM comprise direct illustration of many-to-many relationships and of the relationships inside a unmarried checklist kind. The attribute operators are these linked to hyperlinks: existential, common, numerical and transitive hyperlink operators. Graph facts Language (GDL) is a knowledge language in keeping with this GDM. The essence of the GDL is direction expressions used for formula of queries. The thoughts of GDM and GDL have truly been carried out via Ricoh Co., Ltd. and a method in accordance with those innovations is commercially on hand for lots of UNIX machines.

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As we will describe in the next section, the record and link occurrences retrieved are stored in volatile record and link types specified by the user. To support schema evolution, these occurrences can be inserted into a new schema by "add record" and "add link" statements. The new schema must be defined prior to loading data. 1 Variables A variable represents a set of qualified occurrences of a given type. Record type names and link type names themselves are used to denote variables in DML statements.

The target record type and the destination record type should have the same composition of compatible attributes. We say that two such record types are compatible. Note that this statement does not change the state of the target record type. 2 Add Link Statement This statement allows the user to copy the occurrences of a link type to another link type. The syntax is: add link

3/n- 1EL 3r2ER3r3ER ... 3rn-1ER (11 =(r 1 ,r2)/\/ 2 = (r 2,r 3)/\· .. /\I n- 1 = (r n-l,rn))} Downward mode: TDR(n) = {(r) : rER /\ 3/ 1EL 3/ 2 EL ... 3/nEL 3r 1 ER 3r 2 ER ... 3rnER (11 = (r 1, r 2)/\ 12 = (r 2, r 3)/\· .. 3 Elementary Data Operations 19 Upward mode: TUR(n) = {(r) : reR/\31 1eL312 eL ... 3IneL 3r 1 eR3r2 eR ... 3rneR (11 = (r, r 1) /\ 12 = (r1' r 2) /\ ... /\ In = (rn-1> rn»} Other variants can be defined in terms of these definitions. For example, the downward variant where

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