Hegel Reconsidered: Beyond Metaphysics and the Authoritarian by H. Tristram Engelhardt Jr. (auth.), H. Tristram Engelhardt

By H. Tristram Engelhardt Jr. (auth.), H. Tristram Engelhardt Jr., Terry Pinkard (eds.)

Much of latest philosophy, political thought, and social notion has been formed at once or in a roundabout way by way of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, notwithstanding there's huge confrontation approximately how his paintings can be understood. He has been defined either as a metaphysician and characterised as an ironic narrator who expected the nature of philosophy after metaphysics. His place is both ambiguous with reference to his political notion. He has been construed either as an enemy of the liberal nation and as a pal of freedom.
This volume's revisionist reassessment, development at the scholarship of Klaus Hartmann, explores those ambiguities in want of a non-metaphysical interpreting of Hegel's arguments. It additionally exhibits how the rules of his political notion aid a liberal democratic nation. This reappraisal of Hegel's arguments resituates him as a thinker who anticipates the problems of post-modernity and gives a foundation for reassessing ontology, aesthetics, and revolution. Philosophers and people doing paintings in political conception will locate this quantity of significant interest.

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This suggests that although the objects of 'Realphilosophie' must be mani- 30 S. Bungay festations of method, only Logic is an exposition of method as it is in itself. It is, as it were, thought thinking about what it is to think at all, whereas Nature and Spirit will consider what it is to think about particular things. The use of the term 'Scheinen' is interesting, for it suggests that the relationship of philosophy to its objects will be one of Essence - philosophy will work out what is essential about its objects, what constitutes their identity.

The rationale for this is an argument of the type: 'A is to B as X is to Y'. The identity between Logic and 'Realphilosophie' is an identity between relations, and the difference is that Logic shows only those relations, whereas 'Realphilosophie' shows much else besides. IS An illustration of this could be provided by any part of Nature or Spirit, but perhaps the most familiar would be the Philosophy of Right, which is simply an expanded version of Objective Spirit in the Philosophy of Spirit. One could say first of all that the division of the Philosophy of Right into the three areas of Abstract Right, Morality and Ethical Life is not a harmless ordering of material, but already constitutes a claim, and corresponds to the division of Logic into Being, Essence and Concept.

Hegel's exact formulation is of importance here. Philosophy and religion deal with God, "in that God is Truth and He alone is Truth" (Encyclopedia, § 1). The Logic is therefore, in being an account of the determinations of Truth, also an account of the determinations of God at least, this is one way of putting it. Again, Hegel's exact expressions are important. Logic, he writes, is an investigation of pure thought, and Truth as it is in itself. He continues: "It can therefore be said, that this content is the exposition of God ...

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