Listening to Gynaecological Patients’ Problems by David Jenkins MD, FRCOG (auth.)

By David Jenkins MD, FRCOG (auth.)

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Specialised cystometric investigation should be employed in many of these cases prior to treatment. B2 Other Bladder Problems * Questions 1. Do you pass urine frequently? 2. If so, how frequently? 46 Listening to Gynaecological Patients' Problems 3. 4. How often do you get up at night to pass urine? Does it bum or scald when you pass urine, or is it painful in any other way? Do you see blood in your urine? Do you have difficulty starting to pass urine? Do you feel you have not emptied your bladder when you have just finished passing urine?

However, it can be extremely difficult to distinguish between a fibroid, especially a pedunculated fibroid, and a solid ovarian tumour, and skilled use of ultrasound will make an increasingly large contribution to differential diagnosis in this area. Management Because of the possibility of neoplasm, biopsy and appropriate surgery are required unless one is sure that a solid mass rising out of the pelvis is a uterine fibroid or pregnancy. " Category F Vaginal Problems Fl Pain in or around the Vagina * Questions 1.

11. Do you have any constant pain in your tummy? Category A Menstrual Problems and Abnormal Bleeding 39 12. Have you had any pain in your shoulders? 13. Have you fainted recently? 14. Have you had pain in your back passage when you sit down or your bowels move? Key to Questions Questions 1-6. Assess whether the patient is pregnant and the gestation. Question 3. Recent ultrasound evidence or urinary pregnancy test results would be helpful regarding pregnancy, site of pregnancy and gestation. Questions 8, 9.

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