Russian and Slavic Grammar: Studies 1931 - 1981 (Janua by Roman Jakobson

By Roman Jakobson

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A commission consisting of Pokrovsky, Gorin and Pashukanis was set up to consider its organisation. 54 The task was rapidly accomplished. On 8 March the party's central committee decided that an Institute of History should be established at the Academy and that RANION's Institute of History should be merged with it, ceasing existence by l November. 55 This decision was ratified by TsiK SSSR on 12 April. 56 Pokrovsky meanwhile defended the new policy. Lenin's celebrated phrase about building Communism with the hands of non-Communists, he explained in Prat·da in mid-March, referred to a situation when the regime had no forces of its own.

Fridlyand placed the current conflict among historians firmly in the context of the current struggle with the Right deviation. The more notable our successes on all fronts of Soviet construction, the fiercer the resistance of capitalist elements-the kulak, the nepmen, the bourgeois and petit-bourgeois intellectual. The position on the historical front is not an exception, but confirms the general rule about the need for a further, full-scale attack by the united front of our socialist construction on the remnants of the past.

And his book had appeared in 1927, with no adverse attention before Pokrovsky's attack. A chapter, indeed. had been published in 1storik-marksist. 38 Once again. the change in attitude towards Tarle can be explained only in terms of Pokrovsky's offensive against 'bourgeois' historians in general, and the implications of Tarle's offending book in particular. The latter were not difficult to discern. Diagnosis of a weakening in the class struggle prior to 1914 could cast serious doubt on the European proletariat's ability to carry through the world revolution.

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