Salyut - The First Space Station - Triumph and Tragedy by Michele Dougherty, Larry Esposito, Stamatios Krimigis

By Michele Dougherty, Larry Esposito, Stamatios Krimigis

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In Mishin's absence, Bushuyev was one of the few people with the authority to seek a meeting with Ustinov. Feoktistov recalls: ``Several times Bushuyev, Chertok and I reviewed this matter. Chertok, and his engineers who'd worked on the development of guidance systems, supported the idea of moving immediately. '' 20 From Almaz to Salyut Someone suggested that Bushuyev should call Ustinov and ask for a meeting, but Bushuyev did not wish to take such an important step without the knowledge of his bureau chief.

Almaz 7 Vladimir Chelomey (left), the Secretary for Defence and Space Dmitriy Ustinov and `Space Minister' Sergey Afanasyev. Despite the scepticism of Brezhnyev, Kosygin and Ustinov, Chelomey still had the strong support of the generals in the Soviet Air Force and the Strategic Rocket Forces. He also had the support of Mstislav Keldysh. As a long-time companion of Korolev and proponent of using rockets and satellites to facilitate scientific studies, Keldysh was one of the most eminent figures in the rocket and space programme.

4. P. Korolev. 1996, pp. 264±269 (in Russian). 2 DOS-1 crews STAR TOWN Zvyozdniy Gorodok (Star Town), home of the Cosmonaut Training Centre (TsPK) where Soviet military cosmonauts live and train for space missions, is located in a wood of 100-year-old birch trees in the Shchelkovo area about 40 km northeast of Moscow and 10 km east of Kaliningrad. In 1958 General Nikolay Kamanin became Deputy Chief of the Soviet Air Force. He was responsible for the selection of all military cosmonauts, their training and nomination for space missions.

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