Submerged Prehistory by Jonathan Benjamin, Clive Bonsall, Catriona Pickard, Anders

By Jonathan Benjamin, Clive Bonsall, Catriona Pickard, Anders Fischer

Significant occasions of human prehistory reminiscent of the post-glacial recolonisation of Northern Europe and the unfold of agriculture in the course of the Mediterranean happened on landscapes which are now, not less than in part, underwater. huge elements of this submerged terrain are obtainable to divers and will be investigated archaeologically. Prehistoric underwater study has emerged in fresh a long time as a unique sub-discipline, constructing ways and methodologies that may be utilized in coastal areas world wide. therefore, there's becoming knowledge of the potential of underwater archaeology to rework our principles concerning the process prehistory. This quantity examines latest perform and new advancements within the box of submerged prehistoric panorama learn. The 25 peer-reviewed contributions from major authors conceal the result of contemporary examine on 3 continents andthe software of methodologies and strategies for website discovery, research and interpretation.

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Flint artefacts. 1–2 core adzes; 3 flake burin; 4 transverse arrowhead; 5 blade burin; 6–7 obliquely truncated blades; 8 straight truncated blade; 9 edge-retouched blade; 10–11 flake borer (Drawings: J. Freigang; Scale 1:2) 32 Harald Lübke, Ulrich Schmölcke and Franz Tauber former valley. The investigations at JäckelbergNord involved the mapping of the sediment bank and the recording of surface finds as well as the excavation of some small test trenches. However, the investigations made clear that only the part of the refuse area that had once lain in the shallow water some distance from the former shoreline has been preserved, and therefore contained only a few archaeological finds.

The calibration was performed with the program CalPal, ver. 2007 (Weninger et al. 2009) and the calibration curve IntCal04 (Reimer et al. 6: Jäckelberg-Huk. Flint artefacts. 1–5 rhombic arrowheads; 6–8 oblique transverse arrowheads; 9–10 triangles; 11–12 micropoints; 13–15 microblades; 10–23 trapeze; 24–29 microburins; 30–31 blades; 32–34, 39 blade burins; 35–37 blade scrapers; 38, 42 oblique truncated blades; 40, 45 microblade cores; 41 core adze; 43 straight truncated blade; 44 core adze rejuvenation flake; 46 blade core (Drawings: J.

However, most notable is an axe haft that consists of the fragmented half-sleeve with an enlarged head and a rectangular recess for the handle (Lübke 2004: fig. 8; Klooß 2010: 191). It can be compared to the rare finds from Vedbæk Boldbaner, Margrethes Næs or Segebro in Scania, Sweden, which are attributed to the Kongemose and early Ertebølle Culture (Brinch Petersen et al. 1977: 157; Myrhøj and Willemoes 1997: 161, fig. 3). Eight objects were selected for radiocarbon dating. The calibrated mean values range over c.

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