The Space Group of Potassium, Rubidium and Caesium Sulphates by Goeder F. P.

By Goeder F. P.

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Futurescapes: Space in Utopian and Science Fiction Discourses. (Spatial Practices)

This publication testifies to the transforming into curiosity within the many areas of utopia. It intends to 'map out' on utopian and science-fiction discourses a few of the new and revisionist types of spatial research utilized in Literary and Cultural stories lately. the purpose of the quantity is to side-step the confirmed ordinary binary of utopia and dystopia or technology fiction and hence to open the research of utopian literature to new strains of inquiry.

Rethinking Urban Parks: Public Space and Cultural Diversity

City parks comparable to ny City's valuable Park supply very important public areas the place urban dwellers of all races and periods can mingle appropriately whereas having fun with numerous recreations. through coming jointly in those comfy settings, varied teams turn into ok with one another, thereby strengthening their groups and the democratic textile of society.

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The cup appeared and Quark gulped the pale green bug squeezings down, looking around to check that he was still— “Bzzzt—you're dead,” Odo said, only one meter behind him. Quark choked, then sprayed a mouthful of millipede juice, forcing Odo to step back out of range. ” Quark sputtered indignantly, wiping bug juice off his sleep shirt. Odo shook his head, not impressed. ” Quark jammed the cup back into the replicator for recycling. “You're supposed to be protecting me. ” Quark waved his hands to include the entire security office.

Then the other. And then he gasped as through the dark silhouettes of reaching branches and hanging moss, he saw the soft and welcoming lights of the Ferenginar capital city shining through the distance and the dark of night. “Home . ” he cried, delighting in the magical way the word created a delicate puff of mist before him. But Quark was no believer in magic. He needed to know how it was he could see his breath as a delicate puff of mist. There had to be another source of light nearby. He looked around trying to figure out where the lab had gone, where Terok Nor had gone, if he had finally died.

Then, horribly, slowly, their wildly flailing arms and legs ceased their struggle, as if the light itself were somehow thick and resistant. Forgetting for a moment that Atrig no longer was behind him to prevent his escape, Quark stared at the faces of the two trapped Cardassians. Their gaping mouths were stretched in soundless wails. And then, like a plasma whip being cracked, the two were sucked back into the vortex of light, disappearing in an instant. Odo—now held by no one—knelt on the deck and looked back at the light.

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